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Space Station Astronauts Log One Million Photos

The astronauts and cosmonauts aboard the International Space Station have logged one million photos — here’s a small selection of our favorites.

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Photo 1: After installing new windows for the ISS — the cupola pictured left — shuttle Endeavour undocked and headed home in February 2010.

Photo 2: As solar activity intensifies, ISS astronauts have a ringside seat of the stunning auroral displays in the Earth’s atmosphere. This September 2011 technicolor display highlights the different atmospheric elements reacting to the bombardment of solar plasma.

Photo 3: On Dec. 21, 2011 NASA astronaut Dan Burbank photographed the dazzling comet Lovejoy as it hung above the Earth’s horizon.

Daz 3D - Digital Animation and Asset Creation

A great digital animation software designed to be intuitive for someone who is just starting to get into 3D animation. I have used this in the past to create a slap stick comedy short but it’s potential is much greater. This software is actively used by Hollywood artists to create TV shows, concert cinematics, and advertisements. Their is a free and pro version but as of 2/7/12 the pro version  is free along with the plugins Bryce Pro and Hexagon.

Daz 3D

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